Kitson Arts Alliance, Inc. (KAA) is a non-profit focused on collaboration and partnership. We exist to foster connections between creative individuals and organizations of all kinds, and the broader public. KAA embraces a diverse community of creatives, including artists & curators, artisans & agriculturalists, and writers & performers, in the belief that these creative endeavors complement one another and foster social, cultural, and economic growth. By promoting and nurturing a diverse creative community Kitson Arts Alliance contributes to a public appreciation of the arts that is vibrant, strong, and sustainable.

Our Mission

Kitson Arts Alliance cultivates collaboration among a diverse community of creative individuals and organizations in order to build programs, events, and other opportunities that promote their work, empower and support them, and contribute to the social, cultural, and economic advancement of their local communities.

Our Objectives

  1. To build and maintain membership and partnerships that are diverse and vibrant;

  2. To build programs, events, and opportunities that promote, empower, and support our members and partners, and that contribute to the social, cultural, and economic advancement of their local communities;

  3. To provide time, space, a platform, and support for creatives to explore and realize new ideas for advancing a diverse array of artistic and cultural expression;

  4. To foster and promote programs that engage individuals of all ages and backgrounds in the arts and culture;

  5. To support youth and education through the development of curricula and opportunities that engage students in studying the arts

  6. To raise funds for the support of KAA programs, events, and opportunities.

KAA Management Team

  • Co-founder / Executive Director – Patrick Robinson

  • Co-founder – Dan Tompkins

KAA Board of Advisors

  • Diana Burridge

  • Grace Dove Ostrum

  • Richard Griffith

  • L.P. Howard III

  • Sue Palackas

  • Patrick Robinson

  • Dan Tompkins

KAA Board Officers

  • President – Patrick Robinson

  • Vice President – Dan Tompkins

  • Secretary – Grace Dove Ostrum

  • Treasurer – Diana Burridge

KAA Strategic Partners

  • Gerald Carlin

  • Tina Carlin

  • Marta Kovacs-Ruiz

  • Rachel Mercaldo

  • Alice J. Strauss

  • Victoria Switzer

KAA Programs

  • North Branch Art Trail

  • Local Art On Display

  • KAA Events

  • Community Involvement

North Branch Art Trail – 28th Year!


When it was created in 1994 by local artist Brian Keeler, the North Branch Art Trail (named after the North Branch of the scenic Susquehanna River) was the first of its kind in Northeastern Pennsylvania. For 16 consecutive years, Brian produced an annual open house celebration on Columbus Day weekend. Each weekend included regional art exhibits, studio tours, and a community festival, and grew dramatically in size and reputation year-after-year until Brian stepped down and relocated in 2010.


With Brian Keeler’s blessing & support, this important Art Trail has been expanded and reinstated as a program of the Kitson Arts Alliance.

Beginning in 2018, on a quarterly basis, the trail focused on all there was to see and do along and near a 100-mile stretch of the North Branch of the Susquehanna River from Owego, NY to Wilkes-Barre, PA.

In 2019, the art trail expanded with the creation of our newly-defined “NBat Loop” that follows a scenic circle along the North Branch of the river from Tunkhannock to Wyalusing; then Towanda/Wysox to the Penn-York Valley (Waverly, Sayre, Athens); Owego to Binghamton to Hallstead/Great Bend; and, finally, leaving the river to follow the Viaduct Valley (Susquehanna, Lenox, Nicholson) back to Tunkhannock. Located “in the loop” are Montrose, New Milford, and a number of other important “North Branch region” communities.

The art trail’s North Branch Arts Paper, which debuted as the quarterly NBat Guide in 2018, leads locals and tourists alike to a wide variety of our region’s special attractions & destinations. Now published semiannually, each issue of the arts paper features three “shop local” guides – the North Branch Arts Guide (art galleries, museums & artist studios plus performing arts venues & organizations); the North Branch Food Guide (farms, farm stands, farm stores & farmers’ markets); and the North Branch Beverage Guide (wineries, breweries, distilleries, cideries, meaderies & more). Our centerspread map makes it easy to locate the listed businesses in all three categories.

In 2020, we introduced North Branch News, our monthly online newsletter.

The North Branch Art Trail is a program of the Kitson Arts Alliance.

Our website is funded in part by the Wyoming County Room Tax Fund and the Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau.