Dr. Sonji Lee

My art is committed to the miracles, beauty, joys and generous gifts of nature. I celebrate and am inspired with each and every moment that the natural world provides. We all need to embrace and cherish this connection. I will always commit to maintain a critical and necessary devotion to protect and cherish the environments that feed my soul and inspire my art.


Open to public by appointment only; call 570-278-5088.


The Farm at Johnson Pond, 512 Johnson Pond Road, Montrose, PA 18801


As a very young child, I spent as many hours out of doors as possible. It was my happy place in a not so happy existence and during my wanderings I fell deeply in love with nature. My art evolves from this enduring love and respect. Albert Einstein said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” As I seek understanding, I am compelled to create art, honoring a strong connection with nature.

The art is encaustics and mixed media using reclaimed wood of hemlock, birch, cherry, ash, and walnut trees. I also use Pennsylvania bluestone and my love of stone and wood is the foundation of my works. These great treasures are given to me by friends and family, each supporting my efforts, creating a community, enhancing my passion. Bark, dried “weeds”, flowers, leaves, wood chips, sawdust, sand, stone and coal are just some of the natural elements that I incorporate in to each piece. One of my favorite materials is the hive paper from the white faced hornet. These hives are gathered in the cold of winter, before the storms destroy them, bringing them tenderly, in my studio for display and use.

Stewardship of land is of the utmost importance as I reclaim the natural objects in my art. The majority of the natural objects that I use are collected on my daily hikes around this beautiful property.

It is my hope that my art will inspire others to seek answers through a deep and loving appreciation of nature.