Grace Dove

Native American artisan Grace Dove has been creating beaded jewelry and artwork in the style of her ancestors for the past 30 years.




Working primarily with glass, bone, horn, metal beads, and natural materials such as leather and shell, Grace sells her jewelry at powwows in eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and eastern Virginia, and area craft shows. While some of her designs are adapted from published sources, many others are original.

“Using glass and metal trade bead replicas, leather and natural materials for my jewelry, dreamcatchers and mandelas is more in keeping with tradition than including modern plastic materials, which weren’t available from traders in the old days. My work is inspired by the artistic styles of many indigenous nations.”

A native of central New Jersey, Dove’s Eastern Woodlands heritage comes from tribes speaking similar Algonquin-based languages along the east coast. She is a member of the intertribal group Wolf Clan People of Mother Earth, and also the Accohannock Tribe, both of the Delmarva Peninsula.