Grace Dove

Traditional Native American Storyteller Grace Dove has been sharing her people’s ancestral legends and customs for almost 30 years, at many powwows in eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and eastern Virginia.




As a free-lance multicultural educator, Grace has also presented these cultural traditions at school districts in Wyoming and northern Luzerne counties, and at the University of Scranton, Wilkes University, and Ithaca College.

“I am basically a keeper of our people’s oral history, since these stories can be educational, explaining how things came to be; religious; teaching important lessons, or entertainment. As in the old days, this information and these legends are passed down from Elders and Storytellers in an unending chain to keep our precious heritage alive.”

Dove is a native of central New Jersey; her Eastern Woodlands heritage comes from tribes speaking similar Algonquin-based languages along the east coast. She is a member of the intertribal group Wolf Clan People of Mother Earth, and also the Accohannock Tribe, both of the Delmarva Peninsula.