Melissa Jennings

Creating abstract minimalist paintings is a powerful, insightful, meditative process that helps me to discern what is essential and what is unnecessary in my work and beyond.

All of my recent paintings were inspired by beautiful, natural pigments I acquired at my favorite local soap shop as well as my ongoing quest for truth and getting down to the essence of things… which is actually the inspiration for my entire life! The circle as womb, seed, the beginning or source is a central theme in this series of work.




Born in Japan under the shadow of Mount Fuji, raised near a waterfall on my family’s campground nestled in a wooded valley in Pennsylvania, USA.

My artistic skills blossomed in Normandy, France where I learned and practiced Raku with ceramicist Gabrielle Baecille, apprenticed with painter/sculptor Florian Diarra, taught pottery and art classes, became a singer/songwriter/musician, Ayurvedic massage therapist and Hatha Yoga instructor.

Currently living and working in the heart of the Endless Mountains, Pennsylvania.