Morgan Scudder

My paintings represent my view of the world. To many eyes, that may not seem like much, but they take me to another realm; that is a realm of simplicity. They make me feel free, and I value that freedom.




I have driven my art away from the traditional landscape to a more simple, abstract style. I don’t value detail. In fact I dread detail more so than anything. I prefer the “big picture.”

My focus is directed to the end of the day; I’m just not a morning person. The end of the day, to me, means the day’s events and occurrences are finally coming to a close and a new day starts tomorrow. The evening sky intrigues me in all its ethereal attributes.

My more recent work expresses my interest in the abstract energy of the whole canvas.

Painting has always made me feel better, so it’s safe to say that most of my work is driven by depressive and anxious thoughts. That internal energy is released directly into my work with every stroke.

I plan on furthering my work in the abstract direction my paintings have taken.