Sharon Templin

Sharon Templin is a wildlife/nature photographer living in Tunkhannock, PA. She became passionate about photography while on her first safari to Africa in 2012. There, she fell in love with Africa and the world of wildlife photography, but it also brought an increased awareness of the desperate plight of many wildlife species across the globe.



Sharon is also on Flickr (sharonza), where her photo albums can be viewed.


Sharon has travelled extensively to Africa, including South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. The opportunity to observe wildlife in its natural habitat has increased her awareness of just how fragile our planet is. Observing the tender family interactions of many species is priceless, and brings the realization that we must work to preserve this heritage for years to come.

She works closely with Joe and Micha Viljoen of “Africa Through Your Lens Safaris.” Together they lead small intimate groups on safaris to various destinations in Africa. It is a small family-owned business that provides a personal travel experience. They are also very involved in conservation. Their mission is to promote wildlife conservation worldwide by educating and training the next generation and to awaken understanding of the importance of conservation in South Africa and abroad. Sharon is very involved in this program.

Sharon has been to Tanzania on three safaris, participating in several intense educational photography workshops with world-renowned photographer Todd Gustafson, a contributor to National Geographic documentaries. She is always reaching out to improve her photography skills, while experiencing the wonder of nature and supporting wildlife conservation.

Through her photography, Sharon hopes to showcase the beauty around us and inspire others to become involved in both the enjoyment of nature and in conservation efforts.

A selection of Sharon’s prints were on display at the Nimble Hill tasting room in December, and will be at the Dietrich Theater January, February, and March.