“We have been so enriched by our partnership with the Kitson Arts Alliance, enabling us to bring in many special exhibits. Our Rock and Roll in Art and Music celebration was the first ever, and attended by so many.”

M. YoungWyoming County Cultural Center at the Dietrich Theaterhttp://www.dietrichtheater.com/

“Just wanted to mention that I had to stop in The Dietrich Theater Lobby today and I saw the artwork and photography on display for this upcoming event. Let me just say I was really moved by the very powerful BLUES works being shown there. The large prints of photographer John Rocklin of John Hammond Jr,, Hubert Sumlin, Derek Trucks & others are incredible. If you love the BLUES, please do yourself a favor and come see the face of the BLUES up close and personal.”

JP WilliamsAbout The KAA-Produced "Blues in Art and Music" Local Art on Display exhibit at the Dietrich Theater

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As an organization, KAA is always working to develop programs and events that create opportunities for our members. These programs and events inevitably cost money to move from the realm of our imagination to reality. The modest fee that we attach to your formal membership of our alliance goes toward developing and producing such important ongoing programs as our quarterly 24-page North Branch Art Trail (NBat) Guide, our Local Art on Display exhibits, and such alliance-produced annual events as the Farmstead Art & Music Festival, held each September.

In addition to the opportunities we are constantly developing through these programs and events, we offer other member benefits. We provide a functional and attractive website that can showcase our members and supporters, and is designed so that, in time, it will offer a space for vibrant collaboration among the diverse creative groups the alliance represents. We are developing a monthly newsletter that will feature interviews with our members, along with regular columns on topics relevant to the arts, antiques, and agriculture. We are pursuing a physical space that will allow us to host farm-to-table dinners, maintain an art gallery of our members’ work, welcome aspiring artists and youth to work alongside seasoned professionals and learn from members of our delightfully diverse alliance, and become a center for creative initiatives that support and uplift our communities.

But beyond all this, we are most excited about all the possibilities we can realize when a diverse set of creative and thoughtful people ally themselves toward the pursuit of mutually beneficial goals. And, really, none of this can happen without your support and membership.

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