Keystone Community Resources First Friday Open Reception


First Friday Open Reception: Artists on Exhibit are Cathy Arvonio and Melissa Anowai

ArtWorks Gallery & Studio, 236 Penn Avenue, Scranton

November 1, 2019 – 6 to 9 p.m.


The exhibition entitled “Perspectives” features the works of two highly-accomplished artists who have chosen nature as subject matter yet differ in their styles, mediums, and vision – and, ultimately, perspective – which creates a dramatic juxtaposition generating dynamism to the collection’s presentation.

Cathy Arvonio showcases her dedication and love for oil painting, a highly-specialized and difficult medium, in which she has mastered and excels in the difficult artistic process. The minute detail Cathy achieves is her hallmark of style and expertise. Cathy’s genre is realism, primarily still life and landscapes. She brings a fresh importance to all that surround us – familiar scenes, places and objects – while basking in the light of beauty.

Cathy feels the importance of nature in our lives. “I always, always find beauty in everything I paint,” she says. “There’s beauty all around us and in every one of us, and it is a gift to ‘see’ it and to paint it. From that I take, and put it all onto my canvas. Throughout the years, I learned to be freer with my creations and have put more of myself into the painting, along with recreating the picture I see. One of my favorite artist’s quotes… ‘Art does not reproduce what we see. It makes us see.’ – Paul Klee.”

For Melissa Anowai, her expressionist style using acrylic medium, is rooted in the metaphysical, creating an incandescent beauty, which transcends the traditional depiction of Nature life subjects. She chooses to explore those creatures that elude us so often, both of the avian and entomological species. Melissa focuses on the cycles of life, the transitory and ephemeral precious seasons of the natural world suspending them in a timeless beauty revealing dignity and integrity, inherent in each of her subjects, imbued with honor and soulful light. Melissa brings forth an extraordinary vision of our world and asks questions of us through her art.

“As an artist,” states Melissa, “I have always felt compelled to depict all aspects of the natural world and view all life as beautiful and worthy of celebration. I also feel that the natural world should be cherished both in life and in solemnity of death. There is a reverence that I try to create in each piece, which is a reflection of my love and respect for nature.”

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