ArtWorks Gallery Moving to New Location

ArtWorks Gallery & Studio (Scranton, PA) is Moving to a New Location (236 Penn Avenue) by September 1st

There are many exciting things happening in the ArtWorks Program in the next few months. ArtWorks will be expanding into a larger building in Scranton, with three times the gallery space. There will be multiple studios for room to grow. The ArtWork’s team is planning a new exclusive pottery studio in Scranton, including a kiln for firing clay works to create one of a kind pottery items. They’re planning new programs, to include print making, silk screening, lynol cuts, digital studio, drawing and painting.

ArtWorks is an alternative to traditional day service. It is a creative environment with an individual-based schedule suited to a person’s needs or skill level. We are looking to integrate community classes and eventually extend the hours of operation. The ArtWorks program is an alternative because it increases professional skill sets in a visual arts environment.

It’s a very exciting time at KCR and we will continue to grow, allowing all individuals with Autism and ID, to have new and diverse opportunities to lead fulfilling lives. Celebrating 55 years of Caring, since 1964.

Submitted by Noelle Snyder, Marketing Specialist & Kaitlin Harrison, ArtWorks Coordinator

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