A New Partnership is Formed

The Northern Tier Industry & Education Consortium (NTIEC) is excited to have formed a new partnership with the Kitson Arts Alliance (KAA). In July 2019, Deb Tierney, educational coordinator at NTIEC, was presented with a challenge to help Northeast Bradford School District implement an arts segment to their summer camp. After reaching out to friends in the industry, Deb finally connected with Patrick Robinson, president of KAA, and the partnership was formed. Artists associated with KAA worked hand-in-hand with Northeast Bradford to bring an awareness of the arts to students at their summer program. The relationship with Northeast Bradford has continued into the school year where artists are now participating in their after-school program. Artists are also working with NTIEC by attending a variety of career events.

NTIEC is a local grassroots organization founded in 1993 as a 501(c)(3) work-based learning organization to serve students in the Northern Tier by integrating the education and employment processes. The basic premise is that students who have a good understanding of career opportunities, especially through first-hand experience, can make informed career and educational choices. Students who have mastered basic workplace skills and discipline are better prepared to be successful.

We are uniquely positioned to convene employers/individuals to schools and students to deliver opportunities to our local youth. Our reputation and proven techniques along with long-term relationships enable us to have students meet face-to-face for a “real world view” of career opportunities and the skills and education necessary to be successful. NTIEC offers a variety of programs for our local youth – paid internships, non-paid externships, job shadowing, career fairs and worksite tours to name a few.

In addition to Deb, NTIEC has two other educational coordinators on staff to serve the northern tier, Colin Furneaux and Carrie Bradley. Colin is responsible for coordinating paid internships in the east region covering Susquehanna, Wyoming, Lackawanna, Luzerne and a portion of Bradford counties. Carrie is responsible for coordinating the paid internships in the west region covering Bradford, Tioga and Sullivan counties. Their primary focus is to reach out to employers to bring them into the fold and to work closely with students to find them the perfect match offering them a high-quality work-based experience.

For more information about NTIEC, visit www.ntiec.com or call us at 570-278-5038. You can also visit our Facebook page.

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