Summer Sessions Week 8 – Gypsy Swing Dancin’

    An Evening with Zingology

    What is Zingology?

    Well, it’s the study of ZING! The essence of pizzaz. The juice of life, squeezed into a poem. It’s the ineffable feeling of magic you might experience on the dance floor. And it’s a tip of our humble hat to those other famous jazz-ologies, Django Reinhardt’s “Djangology” and Charlie Bird Parker’s “Ornithology.”

    The Zingology Combo

    We’re a jazz combo based in Ithaca, NY and specializing in vintage swing – all those really great tunes from the 1920’s through the 1940’s. We focus on the gypsy jazz style and manouche vibe of Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of Paris. Combo members are Brian Keeler on guitar, Ted Caldwell on stand-up bass, Joanna Green on violin and vocals, Art Godin on guitar and vocals, and Greg Ezra on percussion.

    Zingology Swing Dance Lessons

    We love dancers and dancers love Zingology! We play music for Lindy, Waltz, Fox Trot, West Coast Swing, Salsa Rueda, Tango and Balboa, and just plain free-style dancing. If you’d like us to teach a class before your event, Brian Keeler specializes in Balboa but also can teach lindy, salsa, fox trot, waltz and west coast swing.  A beginner level class in one of these styles is a great way to get the audience involved.

    Brian Keeler will be conducting swing dance lessons at the barn at 6pm. All ticketholders are eligible to participate. To sign up, please email your name and phone number to We will respond with a confirmation and details.

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    Summer Sessions Week 8

    An Evening with Zingology

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